Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Ugly? FAQS

Q. How does Credit Ugly work?

A. Credit Ugly is credit repair software that allows you to load in your negative accounts, organize them, track them, then you can print and send them to each credit bureau with the click of a button.

Q. How will Credit Ugly help my credit score?

A. Removing negative marks such as late’s, inquiry’s, collections, etc will help your score increase, as long as you are not adding bad credit in the process.

Q. How long will it take to repair my credit?

A. Everyones personal situation is different. You can not put an exact time on the credit repair process, some months you can see your score jump 5-10 points others you can see it jump 40-100 points

Q. What other benefits does Credit Ugly have?

A. Credit Ugly includes our credit repair software, and a debt buster software that allows you to track your finances. Credit Ugly will show you which cards to pay off first for your scores to increase or which accounts to pay off first to save you money, whichever you prefer.

Q. Why is Credit Ugly only 2 Payments of $29.95?

A. Credit Ugly is being offered at a low price of 2 payments of $29.95 for this TV offer only. We want people in this horrible economy get out of Debt and repair there credit. It would normally cost thousands to repair your credit. We have also given you the ability to work on 2 others credit besides your own

Q. I have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax lien, public records on my credit report. Can credit ugly help me remove that?

A. Yes, Credit Ugly can help you remove any inaccuracies off your credit report. Credit ugly provides the tools to remove anything from a bankruptcy to an Inquiry.

Q. How do I receive my credit report?

A. You can pull your credit reports from each bureau separately (EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION, EQUIFAX) at

Q. Is it easy?

A. Yes, Credit Ugly will automatically set up the correct dispute letters for each appropriate account. After sending out the first disputes, Credit Ugly will direct you in the next steps in the credit repair process. It’s as simple as adding your negative accounts and clicking 1,2,3 and your credit repair process is on it way

Q. Why doesn’t Credit Ugly work on Macs?

A. Credit Ugly was developed for PC’s only. We are currently in the works on making it compatible for Macs, but may take some time. Expect Credit Ugly to be compatible on all devices within the next few months.

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